Perhaps the Best Companion App for North America's Truck Drivers

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A Boon for Truckers in North America

The Truckbubba app shows all major and independent truck stops, truck parking, rest areas, open/closed weigh stations, Walmart stores with truck parking, scales, truck washes, hotels and restaurants nearby.

Truckbubba is a Truck Driver’s Companion on Road

  • 50,000+ Trucking Points of Interest (POI): Truck Stops, Rest Areas, etc.
  • Crowd-sourced Weigh Station Status Notification and Reporting.
  • Real-Time Parking Availability and Always Up-to-Date Fuel Price.
  • Nearby Emergency Truck Repair Services On the Road.
  • Truck Route Planning and Simple In-App POI Sharing.
  • Speeding Alert, Speedometer on Map and Speed Limit Adjustment.
  • Load Board- Load Posting and Load Matching System for Shippers and Carriers in North America.

Truckbubba is a Combination of Several Different Mobile App Features

  • Find Nearby Repair Shop
  • Know Truck Stop Location
  • Trucker’s Route Planner with GPS
  • To Get the Best Fuel Price
  • Drive to the Closest Weigh Station
  • Safe Driving with Speedometer Alert
  • Load Boards to Post and Find Loads

Love for Truckbubba App Straight from Truckers

L've never seen an app that cater exclusively to the trucking industry,but now that Live seen this I can't imagine why you'd use anything else. Very nice and kudos for making the avoid tolls option sticky, which Google Maps still doesn't do!

~ Christine Heal

Awesome app! Helps to keep truckers rolling and pretty much accurate for parking spaces.

~ Annie Lee

Thank you guys for this app, it's awesome, it's very accurate on fuel prices.

~ Adam Gordon

I love this APP! Recommend to every trucker.

~ Ben Rousseau

I like the truckbubba app it has helped me out a lot finding places

~ Mike Chan

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