Perhaps the Best Companion App for North America's Truck Drivers

The Truckbubba App

A Boon for Truckers in North America

Features at a Glance

  • Know the best fuel price at the nearest fuel station
  • Search for the nearby available parking areas
  • Get nearby weigh station notification and reporting
  • Prepare the truckers for the worst weather conditions
  • Helps truckers to do the best route planning
  • Find nearby emergency truck repair services
  • Load Board for finding and posting loads
  • Equipped with Speeding Alert, Speedometer on Map and Speed Limit Adjustment.

Truckbubba is the Best Companion App for the North American Truck Drivers.

Download it from Google Play and App Store.

Plan according to Weather Forecast

Truckbubba app has come up with the facility of planning a trip according to the weather forecast, which is displayed in a very easy to view format. It also displays the weather maps showing the current and future rainfall and the weather conditions. It will notify the truckers about the severe storms and tornadoes. It is a best alternative for the weather-geeks and it uses GPS location data for this information.

Check Availability for Parking

Truckers can plan their trip according to their parking stops. This app will allow them to know about the nearby parking areas where they can either take a nap for some time or grab something to eat.

Ensure a Safe Journey

Truckbubba app offers an opportunity to the truckers to navigate for the best and the safest route without any low bridges that are fatal for their trucks.

Choose the Best Route That Suits the Trip and Schedule

This app is a roadside trip-planning companion for the truckers. It uses GPS navigation to provide you with the best and the safest route for your journey. It is also equipped with the feature of rerouting in order to avoid areas that the truckers do not want to stop at.

Get Informed About the Weigh Stations In Advance

This app ensures that all truckers must follow all the DOT regulations. It provides them with the information regarding nearby weigh stations where the truckers need to stop for truck weight inspection.

No more Over Speeding Tickets with integrated Speedometer

Adjustable Speed Limits – Two speed limits (Highway and City) can be switched by only one-tap. Speed limit can be easily adjusted with +5/-5 buttons. In addition, the speed unit can be set to m/h or km/h according to your preference.

Speeding Alert -Speedometer will warns or alerts you with vivid yellow or red speed value when the truck speed exceeds the set speed limit.

Speedometer on Map -You can also switch to map mode with speedometer turned on. Simple speedometer is overlaid on the map, and can be moved to any proper place where you feel comfortable.

Night-Mode HUD – Beautifully designed Heads-Up Display (HUD) can project phone screen vividly to windshield by placing the phone flat on the dashboard. You can focus straight on the road with no glimpses on the phone, especially in the nighttime.

Find Loads or Post a Load on Truckbubba Load Board

The Load Board feature allows load posting and load matching system for shippers and carriers in North America. The ‘Load Board’ feature is the best way to get connected to more than 50,000 truckers every day without paying any cost. Just post your load details within the Truckbubba app by clicking on the “Post Loads” button. It allows you to enter the details of loads such as origin and destination points, pickup and delivery date, weight of freight, offer price for delivery in addition your contact number.

The ‘Load Board’ offers best solution for the owners of freight carriers to get free unlimited access to more than 70,000 loads per day. You can click on the “Find Loads” button to search for the loads posted daily in the locations of your choice.

No matter you are a broker or a carrier, you can choose the desired trailer type that perfectly suit your freights, such as dry vans, flat beds or reefers.