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Frequently Asked Questions

Truckbubba app has two flavors: iOS and Android. You can download and install on your iOS device by login into the App Store and search “Truckbubba”. In Android devices, login into the Google Play and search “Truckbubba”.

Another easy way to get Truckbubba app installed is by visiting from your smartphone and click either “Google Play” or “App Store” icon or scan QR code on the front page. The proper app download page will be shown accordingly.

Should you have any questions on how to install Truckbubba app, please send us an email at or give us a call at +1-844-280-1888 (U.S. & Canada) or +1-647-931-9031 (Canada only).

Thank you.

On the bottom of the route detail page, there is the Navigation button which will automatically link the external navigation app such as Apple Maps or Google Maps to do the navigation, however, trucker drivers must be cautious to use the external navigation apps because the route is not optimized for trucks. We are currently working on the truck-specific routing that will be used in the future releases.

The Truckbubba app has a unique feature to automatically alert truck drivers visually and audibly with the statuses of the weigh stations, they are approaching. The status alert service is intended to remind truck drivers of obeying all the DOT regulations. The weigh station statuses are contributed by many warm-hearted truck drivers who use the Truckbubba app to report the OPEN/CLOSED statuses of the passing weigh stations.

Yes, My Trip can be used for navigation.

Adjustable Speed Limits – Two speed limits (Highway and City) can be switched by only one-tap. Speed limit can be easily adjusted with +5/-5 buttons. In addition, the speed unit can be set to m/h or km/h according to your preference.

Speeding Alert – Speedometer will warns or alerts you with vivid yellow or red speed value when the truck speed exceeds the set speed limit.

Speedometer on Map – You can also switch to map mode with speedometer turned on. Simple speedometer is overlaid on the map, and can be moved to any proper place where you feel comfortable.

Night-Mode HUD – Beautifully designed Heads-Up Display (HUD) can project phone screen vividly to windshield by placing the phone flat on the dashboard. You can focus straight on the road with no glimpses on the phone, especially in the nighttime.

If you are a broker and having large quantity of loads to be delivered, you can post your loads within the Truckbubba app at “Post Loads”. There are more than 50,000 trucks to help you for the delivery of your loads on time.

If you are a carrier and having space in your truckload, you can earn extra income from this ‘Load Board’ feature. Click on the “Find Loads” button to search the loads that suit your freight route. There are more than 70,000 loads in the list, filter your search by selecting your pickup and delivery locations as well as date.

The ‘Load Board’ feature connects shippers and carriers with each other in the way that is hugely beneficial to both at the same time. It is easy to use, time saving and money saving.

Open the Truckbubba app. Click “Invite Friends” in the side menu activated by clicking top-left menu button. Choose one of social ways (SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat) to invite friends.

Yes, Truckbubba loves feedback. You can send us your thoughts on the Truckbubba app via email at or give us a call at +1-844-280-1888 (U.S. & Canada) or +1-647-931-9031 (Canada only). You can also directly send us in-app feedback through “Feedback” in the app’s side menu.

If you have more questions, we would love to help you get answers.

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