May 22, 2017

The Truckbubba app has launched a new feature – Load Board that provides load posting and load matching system for shippers and carriers in North America. It is a well-structured network that gives you direct access for delivery of loads or cargos to the customers quickly and efficiently.

Are You a Freight Broker or Shipper?

This ‘Load Board’ feature is the best way to get connected to more than 50,000 truckers every day without paying any cost. Just post your load details within the Truckbubba app by clicking on the “Post Loads” button. It allows you to enter the details of loads such as origin and destination points, pickup and delivery date, weight of freight, offer price for delivery in addition your contact number. Join as a broker today to get your loads hauled immediately.

Are You a Freight Carrier or an Owner?

Now no more leave your truck unfilled. This ‘Load Board’ feature is the best solution for you to get free unlimited access to more than 70,000 loads per day. You can click on the “Find Loads” button to search for the loads posted daily in the locations of your choice. With the help of the Truckbubba app, you can minimize your deadhead miles and maximize your extra shipments while earning extra income.

The Truckbubba – Load Board also helps you in solving the equipment mismatch problem. No matter you are a broker or a carrier, you can choose the desired trailer type that is perfectly suited your freights such as dry vans, flat beds or reefers.

Furthermore, the Truckbubba app is the best truck route planner while you are getting behind the wheels. It helps you in tracking the nearby trucking points-of-interest (POI) – truck stops, rest areas, truck parking lots, truck washing centers and truck weigh stations with the real time status.

This app also works as a diesel fuel locator app that makes it easier in finding the nearby best fuel price station. The price is always up-to-date. Plan your route in advance around the fuel stations to save your shipment cost.

The Truckbubba app is equipped with another excellent feature – Speedometer that works as speed limit alert. Set your truck speed limit by adjusting with +5/-5 buttons for highway and city respectively before starting the journey. If your truck is exceeding the set speed limit, it will alert you.

Get started today with these unique features of the Truckbubba app to stop worrying about how to transport your truck loads around the country. Download it from the App Store or Google Play.