May 22, 2017

The Truckbubba app is a truck optimized GPS navigator equipped with multiple truck services for North America’s truckers, such as trucking points of interest, parking facilities, weigh stations, rest areas, truck repair centers, etc.

Truckbubba app is the essential mobile personal assistant for truck drivers who are traveling long journey to deliver goods and cargos on time and within budget. It saves their time, money and keeps them safe along the way.

Your voices are heard! Recently, the Truckbubba app has launched Speedometer associated with several features that makes the app more innovative with features that cannot be found in any other app.

The Speedometer works with integrated features, such as –

  • Adjustable Speed Limits – Two speed limits (Highway and City) can be switched by only one-tap. Speed limit can be easily adjusted with +5/-5 buttons. In addition, the speed unit can be set to m/h or km/h according to your preference.
  • Speeding Alert –Speedometer will warns or alerts you with vivid yellow or red speed value when the truck speed exceeds the set speed limit.
  • Speedometer on Map – You can also switch to map mode with speedometer turned on. Simple speedometer is overlaid on the map, and can be moved to any proper place where you feel comfortable.
  • Night-Mode HUD – Beautifully designed Heads-Up Display (HUD) can project phone screen vividly to windshield by placing the phone flat on the dashboard. You can focus straight on the road with no glimpses on the phone, especially in the nighttime.

Finally yet importantly, you are responsible to set the proper speed limits in a non-moving truck status. Additionally, the Speedometer may drain you battery faster than regular Truckbubba usage, so please connect your phone to a charger when using Speedometer.

Apart from this feature, you can also track the nearby truck stops with the best fuel price, hygienic food and parking facilities. This app helps you to save money and time in finding the cheapest fuel station. You can also easily track the weigh station nearby to your current location for vehicular weight inspection.

Find your best suit route in advance to avoid detours, narrow or sharp turn roads with the GPS features of Truckbubba app. This app is designed for truckers; therefore it also prevents the truck-forbidden roads and low clearance bridges.

Moreover, you can find the truck repair centers along the way if in case of any emergency. Weather is another factor that would delay your freight movement. Hence, you can observe live the nasty weather coming and plan accordingly with its weather forecast feature.

Begin your turn-by-turn truck safe navigation with specified speed limit now; thereby you can avoid costly tickets. Download the Truckbubba app from the App Store or Google Play.