March 22, 2017

The truckers have to deal with other responsibilities apart from driving on the highways. Earlier, the truckers had to go through a lot of paperwork and formalities to ensure that their vehicle is safe on road. Thankfully, nowadays, the electronic logs have made the jobs of truck drivers much easier. The truckers can now go to the weigh stations to get their vehicular weight inspected.

What these weigh stations are meant for?
These are specifically meant for checking the weights of the trucks to ensure that these are safer on roads. Trucks with weight more than the maximum limit will have to pay more fuel taxes. These are specifically used to enforce the tracking and the submission of the loans along with the payment of the fuel tax. The truckers usually have a transponder in their trucks. If they are allowed to skip the weigh station, they will get a green light on the transponder; otherwise, they will get a red light. Thus, the taxes will be accessed according to how much weight per axle or by the gross weight.

Situation when the truckers must stop at weigh stations
The truck drivers are quite much aware about whether their vehicles meet the basic requirements or not. If they are even a bit skeptical, they must stop at all the weigh stations. In case the truckers do not abide by any regulations, they will have to pay fine.

What weigh stations are equipped with?
These weigh stations are equipped with truck scales and some of which are weigh in motion which allow the trucks to move while being weighed while the older scales require the trucks to stop.

Thus, weigh stations play a very important role in safety. Moreover, the government make use of this information to determine how much weight each truck carries and whether they are hauling more than they should.

It is difficult for the truckers to look for the nearby weigh stations while on their way. Now, the truckers can make use of Truckbubba app to search for the nearby weigh stations. This app provides the status heads-up to ensure that the truckers abide by all the DOT regulations. To try the app, you can download it from Google Play and the App Store.